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Perfectly proportioned 149cm sex doll. They are all made of high quality material, this close to human skin touch material is platinum TPE or silicone, giving you a real skin feel, very soft and realistic touch, very realistic from head to toe, including mouth, anus and vagina. Harmless to your body, non-toxic, easy to maintain and clean. These lifelike dolls 149 are of medium height and weight, most have a natural body shape, are easy to handle and are more affordable at the price level.

Take Good Care of Your Petite Baby Dolls

When you have a sexy doll 149cm, taking care of her is part of your real responsibility. mature but curvy body, inexpensive, lightweight, easy to store and carry, easier to carry, clean and store after sex. On top of that, she has a tight little body that will drive you crazy. They are petite and can inspire your desire for protection and control. You can hold her mature waist with your strong arms and insert your cock into her pink pussy. With years of experience in the doll market, our sex dolls are absolutely guaranteed to be of high quality, safe shipping, and free shipping!