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G Cups Are More Common In Western Women

G cup refers to a female cup with a difference between the upper and lower bust (the difference between the nipple and the lowermost end of the breast) of about 25 cm. G cups are rare in Eastern women and more common in Western women. Our realistic climax doll 100cm G-cup mature sex sexdoll forum dolls are very popular among men. Her hyper-realistic vagina, tight anus and mouth have a specially sculpted cavity for a realistic sexual experience. Their perfect hot bodies make you want to have sex with them, try them, you'll buy them!

G-cup Sex Dolls Are A Favorite for Big Boobs Lovers

G-cup sex dolls are the most popular type of breasts. The rounded and straight breasts and the sexy and realistic waist are simply the perfect combination of real beauties. Looking for such a swing. Inexpensive dolls with killer curves can give you anything you want! No matter what sexy, horny fun you can imagine, your big tits sex doll is ready and willing to go for a ride!