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The breasts of mature and sexy D-cup sex doll seduce your sexual fantasies, and the soft and round breasts give you real skin touch, just like touching a woman's breasts, giving you endless sexual pleasure. If you have a D cup selena sex doll ass, not only do you love kissing and stroking a woman's boobs during sex, but you also love stroking it on a regular basis. This is the biggest advantage of 157cm D cup sex dolls.


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Owning a sexy 6 ft D cup silicone sex doll can boost your confidence and fight loneliness. D-cup sex dolls have always been the choice of most people. Because D cups are medium breasts, they are neither too mature nor too large. Their charisma and fantastic figures give these new innovative sex dolls an incredibly sexy allure. What's more exciting than looking at, touching or massaging a huge, beautifully decorated bust?

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Surveys show that most white men prefer D-cup sex dolls. Their curvaceous figures, hot D-cup breasts, slender waists and full hips make them the perfect sex partners and blond with ass and D cup boobs sex doll. All full size TPE dolls in our store can be customized according to your requirements. Size, Eye Color, Hair Color, Hair Length, Skin Tone, Nails, Interchangeable Vagina, Oral and Anal Functions, etc. Fully Customizable to Your Preferences