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If you are addicted to C-cup women's glamour, our C-cup sex doll is a great choice. C cups are the most attractive to men. Whether it is size or feel, mid-chest sex dolls have a unique advantage. Our 5'3 white c cup sex dolls are shaped into lightweight and beautifully designed C cups that represent real women and you will experience real sex and romance. The dolls here are of high quality. There must be something you like. If you do not find a satisfactory product, please contact us by email. We won't let you down.

Cos Doll (Silicone)

C-cup Chubby Sex Doll World Wide Shipping Full Body Love Dolls

The C-cup is generally considered the ideal breast shape and looks and feels good. In addition to being pleasing to the eye, this seductive feature brings an extra erotic appeal during intercourse. C cup chubby sex dolls offer lifelike bodies, beautifully curved breasts, and perky breasts that stand firm. A real c-cup boobs sex doll may often have pink pussy. You can easily insert a big cock into it.

C-cup Sex Doll for Men Who Like Rounder Breasts

C cup refers to a female cup with a top and bottom bust (the difference between the top and bottom of the bust) of 15 cm. This collection is made for men who like C-cup jill sex dolls. Here you can easily find real life sex dolls that you are happy with. Because everyone's aesthetics are different, the degree of attraction to female breasts is also different. Breasts of different sizes have their own unique charm.