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F cup refers to a female cup with a difference between the upper and lower bust (the difference between the nipple and the lowermost end of the breast) of about 22.5 cm. The F cup is an uncommon size for women's cups. If a girl's lower bust is 56cm and her bust is about 22.5cm, then her cup can be called 56F. F-Cup Big Boobs Sex Doll have large, firm breasts that easily create a feminine, rounded upper body silhouette that looks soft but stretchy. Have you ever had naughty breast sex thoughts? You can definitely try this with these sexy dolls!


161cm Sex Doll F++ Cup Real Love Dolls

F-cup real dolls are especially sexy because of their perky breasts and curvy waists. In addition to big breasts, 161cm sex doll F++ cup storage have attractive faces, curvaceous figures, protruding nipples and rounded buttocks. They are made of high quality TPE or silicone material - these curvaceous sex dolls will ensure you have the most fun. Always ready for an erotic massage, always soft and comfortable, 165cm F cup sex doll lingerie moulded in silicone or TPE are real and surrogate companions.

Women With F Cups Are Relatively Scarce

Eileen 158cm sex doll F cup is also the cup that is often imagined as a charismatic figure. Importantly, women with F cups in real life are relatively rare. Their breasts are round and beautiful, and they stand firm and soft, and are comfortable to rock. Be careful not to cum in the face of these loving women. These replicas of sexy women with busty busts are so perfect that you'll be surprised when you consider a sensual romantic relationship with your fucking 158 cm F cup sex doll porn.