TPE COS Dolls Soft and Elastic Lifelike Female Touch Sex

Cos TPE Sex Dolls are sex dolls made of TPE material. TPE refers to Thermoplastic Elastomer, also known as Thermoplastic Elastomer. It's just made of mixed polymer materials - including thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. An interesting aspect about the TPE material is its non-abrasion and tendency to stretch up to 5.5 times, but revisit its unique shape after use. This makes it more open and efficient to assemble. Additionally, it has elastic-like properties that make it exceptionally powerful for infusion molding innovations. Some people use sex dolls for sexual pleasure, while others use them as real personal companions or substitutes.

Cos Doll (Silicone)

COS dolls Custom Sex Doll Realistic Love Partners

Individuals use cos sex dolls in a variety of ways according to their preferences. Some people use Love Doll for solo masturbation, while others use them with their partners during sex. Some also dress their sex dolls in a variety of clothes, making them accomplices or "lovers."