Lifelike Female Sex Doll 160cm Archives Realistic Chest Affordable Love Dolls

160cm sex doll have an assortment of articulated skeletons giving you the freedom to pose for photography, styling, or coexistence, they are full size, very nice, and sexy bodies. A mature sexy lifelike 160cm sexy doll is perfect for a company or full-time lover, she has no problem with you seeing other dolls or others, the internal bones and joints can move like a human body, are very flexible, and you will never fight with her.


Sexy Doll With A Height of 160cm That Is Close to Real Model

Compared with a real woman, the 160cm real silicone sex doll looks very realistic, close to the height of a real model. Imagine a model's long legs, do you want to touch it? Their flexible body skeleton gives you more imaginative sexual positions, and the af doll 160cm sex size in the assortment will fully meet your sexual needs and meet the requirements of most people. You can practice your sexual skills with oral, vaginal, and anal ejaculation. Here, no matter how tall you need life-size sex dolls, as long as you decide the style of female sexy love dolls, we can customize your height for you.