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We have an exclusive collection of H-cup sex dolls for men who prefer boobs to booty. H cup means the distance between the breast and the lower breast is 27.5cm, all products are selected by our technicians to provide you with real quality dolls at the best price. Browse our selection of real H-cup doll bodies and fit views for your feminine fantasy in just a few clicks. All of the sex dolls below are available to order. They look exactly like their pictures, including her makeup and hair! Please select the option according to your preference during checkout.

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Every man dreams of having the perfect female body with huge sexy doll boobs, but only a few can find it. The exquisitely curvy H-cup female perfect busty 163 wm h cup sex doll forum is the perfect alternative for all women who love big breasted dolls. The seductive big tits will make you linger, eager to touch her with your hands and tease her H cup. If watermelon-sized breasts are your first chubby h cup sex doll preference, they're a good choice. They are all matures and you will be her first man.