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wm doll 175cm
sex doll torso
sex dolls for men
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Product number: SD422001

Ava - 175cm (5ft9) D-cup Sexy High Lips WM Real Sex Doll for Sale

WM Dolls

Eye Color
Skin Color
Areola Color
Areola Size
Breast Type
Jelly breasts: A softer material is injected into the hollow breasts. Choose jelly chest, don't choose breathing function
Labia Color
Pubic Hair
Standing Function
Tongue Function
Fingernail Color
Toenail Color
Body Makeup
Respiratory Function
Note: If you add this breathing function, please don't choose jelly chest
The upgraded skeleton has the functions of double joints and shrugging. Please do not choose the breathing function when you choose to upgrade the skeleton.
Note: Available Only For Wm Dolls Over 150cm/4ft11!
Additional Eye Color
Additional Wig
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 Industry leader.
 Advanced technology.
 High product quality.
√ Exquisite details.
 Safe choice.
Doll Measurements
  • Height:175cm/5ft8
  • Full Bust:85cm/33.4in
  • Waist:59cm/23.2in
  • Net Weight:38kg/83.1lbs
  • Bra Cups:D-cup
  • Under Bust:65cm/25.5in
  • Hip:85cm/33.4in
  • Package Size:163*43*28

*Please allow a slight 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement and a little color variation for different display settings.

Doll Options and Functions

At Sellsexdoll, you can always customize favourite your real sex doll with many options and preferences.If you are not familiar with sex dolls, you may have doubts about these parts. Want to know the difference between the EVO and the regular version, and how they act?

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Doll Care and Maintenance
In order to prolong the life of the sex doll, it is necessary to carry out the necessary maintenance, see the following picture for details.
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