Sex Dolls are Impacting Traditional Social Perceptions


Like Samantha, Lily, 40 (who requested a pseudonym to protect her privacy) discovered the male sex doll for sale after a tragedy. About 11 years ago, she was taking her 6-year-old daughter to mature when she was hit and killed by a pickup truck. "I did the counseling thing. I did the medication, but none of it really worked," she said. She also didn't get the support she needed at home. "My husband isn't really an emotional person, so he really can't be around me," she said.

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Social research on sex dolls is still ongoing

You might be surprised by what the average man who owns Zelex Doll actually does, according to new research published in the Journal of Sexual Research, of which I am a co-author. Our research team spent several months surveying 158 men with sex dolls and compared them with 135 men without sex dolls. The groups were compared on a range of measures, including personality traits, emotional functioning, attachment styles and sexual aggression tendencies. Our aim was to directly examine the accuracy of societal beliefs and perceptions of sex doll ownership.

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Remember the MOZU Doll critic T we mentioned a few paragraphs ago? After reading about a woman trying to look more like a sex doll, he wanted to see if his synthetic partner Celestina could outperform the imposter (we don't know if he succeeded, but 3,000+ followers is certainly nothing to laugh at) . In the process, he also wanted to show the positive impact sex dolls can have on a partner's life. Thus began the sex doll influencer movement.

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Sex Dolls and Related Cultures

Although Japan banned the possession of child abuse material in 2014, the last of the 38 OECD member countries to do so, the restrictions do not include expository media. Manga, anime and big booty sex doll are still legal in Japan, with the former two largely protected by free speech rights.

However, legal challenges to the policy have been growing, and the ban was partially lifted in July. It's not technically illegal to bring in DL dolls sex dolls from overseas, but customs authorities refuse to let them go, citing fears of a negative impact on "public morals".

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