The Difference between TPE and Silicone Dolls


Both TPE and silicone dolls give an extremely reasonable look and feel. Of the two, dolls made of silicone usually cost more, but are of better quality. Then again, TPE sex dolls are cheaper, while the actual material is usually permeable and low-strength barrier.

Sex dolls elsa babe are standard size dolls made of TPE or silicone. Clients use them as sex toys and partners. For reference, sex dolls are also known as love dolls, silicone sex dolls, TPE sex dolls, reality dolls, and silicone dolls.

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The materials used for the skin and the metal frame are silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). You can infer more stories from the value range, and you're right. The metal used for the skeleton can be some steel that can handle business, or some more expensive material - lighter, tougher, more adaptable, etc.

Some premium sex dolls may have some extra functions, such as intelligent voice dialogue, voice age, vibration, skin temperature, etc. We usually call Mozu doll silicone dolls or TPE dolls, the surface is close to real people.

How to use sex dolls correctly

A bad maker is inexperienced and will often buy a custom sex doll from a decent maker with the intention of recreating it with little to no extensive information or skill in making these gorgeous sex dolls. Expect low-quality materials, messy workmanship, unfortunate letters, little information on sex dolls, etc.

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It's another ingredient that we haven't quite nailed down the name of yet - you could hear real sensual caress, real penis massage structure, real penis massage, verbal design reproduction or recycling - or a mix of those, but it looks Seems like ROS is creating an acronym for settled down!

Utilizing a teacher position is a good option when it comes to having sex with a Most Expensive Sex Doll. It lets you face a sex doll in the face and shoot a bunch in front of her. This position also gives you the opportunity to move further in and achieve an intense orgasm.

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