Curvy Tpe Sex Dolls Tempted Love Doll

TPE silicone is much softer. I found out that I actually like this a lot. This saves weight etc and gives the Curvy Tpe Sex Doll a different, sturdier feel. In contrast, it is obvious that the TPE has reached the bone, and the skeleton can be felt even if it is squeezed hard. You can imagine that the doll can talk. I sometimes talk to my Curvy Sex Doll, but I don't actually talk to them.

Horny Curvy Tpe Sex Dolls are addictive

Best of all, despite her seemingly innocent appearance, she can actually do a lot in bed. This lifelike Curvy Tpe Love Doll has anal, oral and intercourse functions. With that, she'll fill your head with lustful thoughts. But don't worry because she will help you find release. Your sex doll is then ready and waiting to go. We want your sex doll for sale to have a long, useful life in your hands. This is an investment in your sexual pleasure and we fully support it.