Most Costly Sex Doll Catalog Precious Babes

You'll be able to customize all dimensions of the doll, including height, build, bust and more. Most Expensive Sex Doll maker even allows customers to customize arm position and waist width. Eye color may not seem like an important characteristic, but it can completely change the overall appearance of a costly sex doll. One of the best things about sex dolls is that their eyes are removable, which means you can buy several pairs of eyes for your doll and replace them.

If you enjoy being up close, good eye contact and depth with your high price love doll, but you're tired of being missionary. Try scissor position. This is great for when you're tired or have a sore back while lying on your side and just need light movements for good penetration and stimulation. Not only would a heavy sex doll for sale require more material to manufacture, but shipping costs would increase a lot since courier companies like FedEx or UPS charge not only by the size of the package, but also by weight. Therefore, heavier dolls can get expensive.