Smooth And Soft Whats The Most Expensive Sex Doll Slim Love Dolls

Whats the most expensive sex doll? Their skin contains high-quality thermoplastic elastomer for the most realistic feel. On the foam sheet that wraps the Most Expensive Sex Doll, there are traces of powder on it dry and dry. There is no doubt that my sex doll was powdered when it was shipped. Because it is a new product, it has a little smell, but it can hardly be smelled. I am actually quite satisfied with this. So When it comes to what is the most expensive sex doll, people tend to want the best quality.

A high-end sex doll for sale can cost as much as a car or motorcycle. He has never encountered a guest who made unreasonable demands, and his career is very smooth. What's the most expensive sex doll ? The use of sex dolls can greatly enhance the life interest of single men and women, effectively adjust some boring and dull daily life, and can add more color to life.