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Most expensive tpe sex dolls can paint their own makeup! As long as you are ingenious, it can be fun to be bold and careful. If the sex doll for sale is really stained or has stains that cannot be wiped off, you can use a special color remover for dolls to restore it. The operation is a little complicated and time-consuming, but it is not completely hopeless. Many doll lovers have more than one doll, but what if one of the dolls breaks? Especially for some more advanced products, you can't just change them, so there is such a job as a doll restorer.

For many porn lovers, a full body Most Expensive Sex Doll is definitely different from a sex doll body. Apparently full body dolls are more popular because looking at their pretty faces will make you have sex. Of course, we are happy to provide various services to our customers, such as pre-sales, after-sales, customized services. At this time, many customers want to know how to make most expensive tpe sex doll, so that they can make dolls at home. It's quite enjoyable on its own, not to mention the many full body silicone sex dolls that can practically make noises, talk and moan, adding to the pleasure of the sexual process. In fact, everyone knew about it, but many bid on it.