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Sex doll most expensive on the market are made of silicone materials, the price is relatively high. Silicone is mainly a colorless or skin-colored oily liquid, which can become a soft elastic material after vulcanization. It is mainly used to make flexible silicone rubber products, such as silicone sex doll for sale. Just like we shower every day to stay clean and healthy, sex dolls need to be washed or at least kept tidy. Something to keep in mind is to clean the doll every time it is removed from the storage box, whether it is in the shower or in the bedroom,

Generally, people who are not familiar with Most Expensive Sex Doll usually look at this product from a secular perspective. It cannot be said that it is wrong, but it can only be said that the first known function is restricted, and it is closely connected with the adult industry. Since the field of artificial intelligence has become a hot topic, you may have talked about many applications of AI in public, but the only thing that has not been discussed is sex doll most expensive.