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Welcome to the world of realistic sex dolls. If you're looking for the best sex dolls, you've come to the right place! XYCOLO DOLL offers the highest quality silicone sex dolls with love dolls of all sizes, shapes and races. XY DOLL provides the best customer experience, top-notch product experience, each doll has flexible joints and delicate skin, allowing you to adjust your sex doll for precise pleasure.

Customize your XYCOLO silicone doll from appearance to detail

Basic customization allows you to choose every aspect of the Most Expensive Sex Dollbody, including hairstyle, eye tone, skin tone, cup size, areola tone, nails, standing highlights, and that's just the beginning. What you can modify includes free options and paid options. You can find these options on each item page, just click on your current favorite sex doll and choose the process you need to go through, which are located near the main photo.

Wash XYCOLO dolls properly to keep them looking their best

XYColo sex dolls are made of silicone. Silicone Sex Dolls should be sterilized each time they are used. We recommend using warm foaming water or silicone hot toy cleaner to keep your sex doll looking its best for a long time. Depending on your toy, you may also need a similar hip-centered rinse to clean the cracks.