Show Me A Picture of A Zelex Love Doll

Zelex uses real models when making their dolls, giving their dolls the most realistic features and proportions, and the wax-grade craftsmanship provides these companions with a feel and quality that is unique in the industry. Their extensive experience is attributed to their flawless craftsmanship, which guarantees the highest quality furry sex dolls on the market, with every detail flawless, and it is almost impossible to be disappointed with the level of craftsmanship on display.

Real dolls Zelex Album 3D Modeling Using Real Female Base

3D modeling of ready-made molds is done using real women's bodies and faces. Everything has been carefully sculpted to give the Zelex doll an almost human appearance. Zelex silicone sex dolls have a unique realistic look. The wax sculpture gives the doll a sublime body and angelic face. All silicone dolls have portraits ranging from beautiful women to ordinary women and mature women. A manufacturer specializing in the development of delicate, expressive, lifelike dolls, specializing in all silicone sex dolls.

Zelex Doll Gel Breasts Photos

All sex dolls in this studio have gel breasts that look and feel almost identical to real women's breasts. The sex doll skeleton saw a technological innovation in 2021, and silicone sex dolls are now significantly lighter. The low weight of all Zelex sex dolls significantly facilitates handling during hygiene and erotic play.