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At the root of these calls are implicit (and often explicit) assumptions that possession of Zelex doll increases negative social attitudes toward women, as well as the risk of sexual crimes for doll owners. However, there has not been any empirical testing of these claims. That is, until now.


How does sex feel with silicone, robotic or sex doll for sale compared to real women? Pupils, hairstyles, and even face shape, mouth, nose, lips can be deeply customized. I understand that some manufacturers have even launched customized drawings! If you like a star, you can directly send the photo you like to the manufacturer, so that you can do whatever you want with your idol!

ZELEX sex doll perfectly restores the female figure

Arguably better than the real thing. Their vaginas, mouths and assholes are modeled after actual human female anatomy, but designed for maximum masturbation stimulation. If you've ever bumped into a good pocket cat, perhaps you're already familiar with the suction effect that can be achieved by inserting your ding dong into one of the love holes. I've had some pretty fucking mediocre blowjobs on Tinder, but since sex dolls don't need to breathe, she never has to let go of that vacuum.

Real silicone ZELEX dolls occupy magazine covers!

The imitation big booty sex doll Pandemonia may become a talk or joke for fashion people after dinner, and then it will fall like a shooting star. However, Pandemonia has been active in major fashion weeks since 2008, and it has been ten years since then. As long as she appeared, she instantly killed countless films. Her photo even grabbed the headlines of magazine covers!

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