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Believe it or not, some people get sex dolls because they want to have sex with them. This is a specific fantasy that some people like to indulge in. Sex with high-quality love dolls may feel realistic, but these guys are still well aware that there is a Zelex doll underneath them (or on top of them, next to them, whatever - sexual positions aren't an issue with sex dolls) Sex doll vaginas are usually designed based on real anatomy and are designed to give you the same pleasure as "real" intercourse. In fact, some people who had sex with a female sex doll said it was difficult to tell if it was a sex doll or an actual female part. In short, having sex with a sex doll can feel very real, and you may have to thank the person (or company) who made the sex doll in the first place.

Fantasy Album of Lifelike Sex Doll Lily

mature sex doll Lily kneels in a candid yogic child pose, her ankles flexed by gladiator heels. Her face and shoulders rested on the heavily carpeted floor. Ass in the air, you pat her hip and thigh crease. You think her ass looks nice and cute like her. As your body is straight and your lean torso is flexed, Lily grabs the back of your neck, getting ready for the joy to come. As you dig deep, her back arches and her flesh starts to shake. At your push, you grabbed the lover's doll's hair and pulled her head back. You lie on top of her like a howling wolf, hissing and grunting. Your breath begins in rapid succession of intermittent inhales. You pick up your speed until you come to a sudden stop. After a tense moment, you explode inside Lily.

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