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Keep your ElsaBabe doll kneeling and bend the sex doll to make sure her face is down. In addition to that, you'll need to hold the sex doll's arms slightly overhead for balance. You should also spread the sex doll's legs to maintain back stability. Once your position is set, you can start pumping her from behind. If you like wild sex, you can also start hitting your sex doll to get yourself more excited.

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You rub, squeeze and grab both of them with your hands while still digging deep into the love doll's pussy. Then you roll over on your back, insert inside silicone sex dolls, and move to the edge of the bed where you can hang your legs. She has her back to you now, kind of like sitting on your lap with your dick inside her. You must protect the sex doll's knees as this is an essential aspect of this pose. That's why you should always work on a soft surface, like a bed or sofa. You bend and part her arms at the elbows, her hands stroking her hair, about ear height. She looks comfortable and sexy.

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