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The best sex doll's face should be on the bed or table, and she should be bent from the waist. Once in place, you can pierce through the anus or vagina, depending on your preference. The most exciting part is that you can also hit your mozu doll in this position for a wilder experience. The bent over position is popular among those who want to have anal and vaginal sex. So you can get the best of both worlds with this pose, depending on your preferences at the time. Set the doll up on the bed or table and set it in place. Poor love doll Rosa was still sleeping peacefully, unaware that her legs were spread and a hungry cock was about to enter her. I slowly started working inside her with my hands.

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Anime sex dolls still do, you know you might need some help. You wipe your hands and stroke your dick until it's nice and smooth. You opened the love doll's lips for you with your other hand. After three strokes, you completely entered her body. You hug Rosa's legs tightly and start to bend over. Your left hand holds her little ass. You lift the doll's legs, bend her knees, and spread her legs apart to reveal her cute little pussy. It looks beautiful, bare, slightly pink, and now shimmers in the light of the lube you put on her.

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