Best Sex Positions For Love Dolls


Both spoon and scissors straddle positions are easy to set. They are safe for tpe sex dolls because your sex doll lies on her back with no pressure on her spine. Be careful when placing her legs and keep her balance. You can lie on your back and do gentle movements when you are tired or have a sore back. The two positions are intimate and best suited for stimulation.

Missionary is a typical and ancient sexual position that provides an individual with complete sexual pleasure with a partner. This pose requires the female partner to lie on their back with their legs bent sex doll for sale and spread. In other versions, the female partner would place her legs high on the man's shoulders. Either of these positions can penetrate deep into his partner's vagina, providing masculine penetration. It's also enjoyable because the man can experience epic views of his lover, her breasts and belly, and can always ejaculate in these areas.

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Sex Dolls Exercise Your Sexual Position and Strategy

Sex dolls are now fashionable masturbation toys for men or women. Sex with your love doll will never be painful and uncomfortable. I know it's very exciting when you receive your love doll and long to spend some stressful time with her. But you need to know how to use the Mozu doll properly without hurting yourself and her, as well as finding the best sex position that will stimulate you the most during intercourse. Sex is a way to develop intimacy with a partner. If there are any "ouch" moments during sex, it's time to change your sex position and strategy.

If you're looking for an incredibly intimate sex position for you and your sex doll, then just use a spoon. This position allows you to enjoy an intimate hug during sex. Simply place your doll next to her with her arms slightly Mst Expensive Sex Doll bent forward. The idea is that she is your little spoon. Now bend her legs at a forty-five degree angle to support her body. Once you have her in this position, lift her thighs and enter her vagina or buttocks from behind. No doubt you'll find penetrating forms that energize and soothe with a spoon.
For this position, you need to lie down and spread your legs. This is also a great pose if you have a foot fetish because the feet are right in front of you. After that, you need to place the sex doll's leg on top of you and the other leg below you and facing to the side. Remember, you must lay her down before positioning her legs properly. Once you two are in place, you can go to Bond City as much as you want and have some sexy sex.

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Buy Sex Dolls And Start Infinite Poses

The puppy pose is one of the favorites of couples. This location ensures very pleasant sexual stimulation and good news! You can imagine doggy-style sex with your love doll. There's nothing easier to do this: place your ElsaBabe doll on her lap, for example, on the surface of the bed or on the floor. Your sex doll's arms must be slightly higher than her head to balance her body. Be careful to protect her wrists too, the weight of your sex doll's body shouldn't rest entirely on her wrists.

When it comes to flexibility, sex dolls may surprise you because you'll find it hard for real women to agree. Take the intersection location as an example! Lie down in a crossed position (side-lying) with your sex doll lying directly on her back, with her knees bent to your waist as you fuck her from under her legs. Sexy love dolls may not be able to position themselves according to your needs, but the way and how long they hold the sexual position you set is commendable.

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Once the doll is in this position, the legs are spread, the knees are bent and rotated, and the ankles should look like an M when viewed from the bottom of the bed along the line of the shins. You can then move your legs under the arch of each of her legs so your thighs are under her and your naughty parts can touch. Now just pull her torso over your lap and she's now riding on you.

If you own or are about to buy a Zelex doll, you may be a little excited. Get excited about all the time you can spend with your doll and all the things you can do with her. The great thing about sex dolls is that you can try anything on them and never judge.

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