How Much is a Silicone Sex Doll


How much is a sex doll for sale ? How much should you actually spend on sex dolls? This is indeed a difficult question to answer because the only one who can answer it is you. Are you looking for a moaning sex doll, or a heated love doll? All you need to think about is what you want from your doll. Sex doll prices may be a mystery, but we'll tell you

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Choose TPE or Silicone Doll - Whats the differences?

If your budget is $1000 to $1500. Here you will find different versions of DL dolls . Now these look really good, right? If you want a doll that will give you vagina, anal and oral sex, but don't want to spend unnecessary money, then you don't have to look any further. Even if she is small, she will satisfy all your sexual needs. Other than that, she looked happy. Our selection of sex dolls range in price from $1000 to $1500. Buying a sex doll is a big investment, and if you've been browsing around, you've probably noticed.

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Buy Silicone Dolls over $1500

Zelex Doll ,Silicone sex dolls are replacing human women for many men around the world. Silicone material is a realistic alternative to women's skin because it feels smooth to the touch. If you have sex with a silicone doll, you may completely forget that you were with the doll. That's why men prefer silicone over cheap TPE material.

For $1500 to $2500, you can get a life-size realistic MOZU Doll from TPE or even silicone. Remember, there are low-quality and high-quality materials. The higher the quality of your TPE or silicone doll, the more expensive it will be. What you can get for $1500+, you're hitting the sweet spot in this price range. You won't splurge on a luxurious all-inclusive doll, but you won't compromise either.

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