What is It Like to Have a Father Who also Loves Sex Dolls


On an online sex forum, one comment gave the big-ass sex doll for sale a perfect 10. The user described his "very hot new experience" having sex with the doll. The only thing he regrets is that the doll weighs 30 kilograms, and he struggles to get her to change positions.

In fact, society is more and more tolerant of this demand, and more and more people choose sex toys to relieve sexual repression, just like walking into an adult physical examination hall without facing moral judgment.

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Extreme Uses of Sex Dolls

But despite this, the appearance of the inflatable doll still makes the majority of demanders feel that the rain is long, and once it is launched, it has been well received-especially in Japan, the sales are very hot! In fact, there are other extreme uses for this stuff. For example, during the floods in Australia in early January 2011, two 19-year-olds used DL dolls as life buoys until rescue came.

Can physical dolls really replace people? In Japan, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, which oversees health care and social security, found in a 2010 survey that 36 percent of Japanese men aged 16-19 were not interested in sex, a figure that doubled in two years. The emergence of virtual/digital partners is often cited as the reason for their lack of enthusiasm for interacting with women in real life.

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Father and Son Both Doll Lovers

Marrying a Zelex Doll family is not groundless. As early as many years ago, there were also relevant reports in China. Both father and son are doll lovers. They save money and take the doll home. In a family without women, both relatives and partners, the two men also became loyal doll lovers. Anyone who has bought a doll knows that silicone dolls need to be cared for like real people.

On the other end was a very polite mature man who introduced his business without any shyness: "We are silicone dolls, humanoid 1:1 design, one-to-one disinfection, private and safe." Li Jun was a little moved, but Worried that the other party is a liar. The other party sent the location, let him look at the doll first, and then decide whether to consume it or not.

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They need to be cleaned and groomed. Shopping for clothes and cosmetics on weekdays has become a must-do. Of course, it's just mentioned here. Clean and powder care for a while and pay attention to the intensity of use. Although the MOZU Doll is also installed according to the principle of the human body during the production process, it is still necessary to pay attention to protection during use, and it cannot be used simply and rudely. For friends who are buying dolls for the first time, the weight is also something that should not be underestimated. The strength requirements are large, and of course methods are required.

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