Legendary Stories about Sex Dolls in History


It's hard to find much documentation on sex doll for sale used for sex before the 20th century. Most likely because those early dolls didn't stand the test of time because of the materials they were made of. Besides, people just don't document that kind of thing. The story has been told, but there is not much solid written or printed evidence. We have to keep the rumors going, and there are very few.

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Real-life Dolls Made by Sailors

A year before his death, the French philosopher René Descartes was invited by Queen Christina of Sweden to be her private tutor. In 1649 he boarded a ship bound for Stockholm accompanied by a mature woman whom he introduced as his daughter Francine. She was never seen again after the voyage began, and the rude, superstitious sailors became so suspicious of her that they broke into Descartes' cabin to meet her in person. There they found a real Life Size Sex Doll, made of leather and metal so much like a real girl, they freaked out and threw it into the sea.

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Barbie's History and First Sex Doll Brothel

What most people don't know is that DL dolls Barbie actually started in the late 1940s as a German cartoon character created by artist Reinhard Beuthien for the Hamburg-based tabloid Bild-Zeitung. The comic character is known as "Bild Lilli," a plump rich man on the post-war gold rush who lives his life to lure wealthy male suitors. In November 2018, the first Czech brothel with artificial sex dolls Zelex Doll opened in Prague. It provides 3 female sex dolls and 1 male doll. Guaranteed quality of service and absolute anonymity. Not only can you use virtual reality sex dolls, but there are also a variety of sex toys at your disposal.

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So far, the Japanese custom industry has also experimented with purchasing MOZU Doll and has opened experience centers in developed areas such as Tokyo. The Japanese creative use of sex dolls doesn't stop there - they did the movie Air Dolls. The protagonist is a silicone inflatable doll named Xiao Wang. The film follows her transformation from doll to human. Stories of emotional experiences.

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