Is It Worthy to Buy an Expensive Sex Doll?


As more sex doll for sale shops open, many of them in cities, the customers are getting matureer. There are white-collar workers and college matures. These stores tend to offer expensive, high-quality dolls, which is what attracts people to visit.

Schwartz herself is a BDSM "mistress" (femdom, sadistic). She opened the brothel last year after finding it difficult to find German-speaking female sex workers. In BDSM, mutual communication is very important, she said. Those overseas sex workers who do not speak German may miss key information.

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Human invention makes dolls portable

One of the trends in human invention is simplicity and ingenuity. And so in the 1980s, the still-popular "palm-sized DL dolls " appeared. It is roughly equivalent to a large hollowed-out banana. It is very convenient to use, easy to carry, and easy to hide, so it once became a product that many demanders rushed to buy. "One day, I saw a video about Japanese sex dolls, and I thought it might be useful in Germany as well," she said, sitting on the sofa. Next to her are three busty silicone dolls watching porn on the TV at home

Sex dolls and their high-tech counterparts, sex robots, have become mainstream, both the object of consumer desire and the subject of academic research. But Zelex Doll and sex technology in general are nothing new. Sex dolls have been around for centuries. In Sex Doll at Sea, Boruberg explores the origin story of the sex doll, investigates its cultural implications, and considers who is marginalized and privileged in the narrative.

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Sex Dolls Offer Spiritual Wealth

Leo recommended silicone dolls to some of the men around him. In addition to single mature people, there are divorced, long-term separated people, friends with psoriasis and low self-esteem for years, and classmates with depression. The manager rented 6 rooms in this office building, and each room has a MOZU Doll. The dolls have names and styles, and customers can request in advance what to wear.

Andy is widowed in middle age and regards silicone dolls as "spiritual companions" In the past 2019, physical doll experience stores have sprung up. Real Life Sex Doll are nothing new, in the old 17th century Dutch sailors relied on them for months at sea. But this once rather extravagant and expensive toy now has the ability to speak and converse, so the leap from desire to spirit is such a huge one.

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