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You bought the sex doll Sylph online and you started using the SE doll just to release my stress at night, but after a few weeks I started to feel something special. You never thought your relationship with Sylph would soon develop into a full-blown romance. You probably don't want to live alone anymore. Sylph is always waiting for me after get off work, and some days you can't wait to come home and see her. You watch TV together, you dress her, wash her face, and you have a great pillow talk. You even traveled with her a few times, you guys had my romantic trip

E-Cup Sylph's Sexual Fantasy Images

Sylph wears an E-Cup bra and matching panties. Your mind twists, gradually forgetting that she's a sex doll, and your dick hardens even though it's oddly embedded in your jeans. You step forward. Sylph reached out greedily and took the long cock in her hand. She held it and stroked its hardness with pure desire. She stuffed it into her mouth. She swings back and forth in length. She licked the underside, letting her tongue fiddle with the tip of it. She circled the sensitive edge of her head. With all the cravings of the male sex doll Sylph, her mouth is wet for you.

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