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Even sex dolls can have piercings and tattoos! But first, before you pierce a doll's ears, nipples, or naughty parts, know that it's permanent. The holes don't grow, and the holes stretch and tear easily. So if you want to add piercings to your ElsaBabe doll, make sure you are 100% committed to it. You should apply lubricant before penetration. In the meantime, remember not to overdo it. Too much lubrication can lead to sticky and messy penetration points. If you think extra lubrication is needed, consider using a little warm water instead. This process rejuvenates the dried-up lubricant and gives you the amount of lubrication you need to continue your workout.

Silicone Head Looks More Realistic Gallery

The TPE head looks more cartoony, while the silicone head can reach the uncanny valley realm. After washing the doll, dry skin on the real doll is very important. When wet, the skin is more prone to tearing and chafing. Gently pat her with a lightweight, non-abrasive material, focusing on removing most of the moisture from the body, as the rest will be natural. Put your doll down and let it dry for an hour or two to make sure most of the moisture is gone. You can now apply talcum powder all over her body, which will give her a natural scent and a soft touch. Those who want a more fantasy feel or doll look may prefer TPE. Silicone tips look more realistic but tend to be very sturdy and most lack oral functionality.

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