Comfortable Jy Sex Doll 156 New Type Real Dolls

The benefits of owning a 156cm sex doll are many. Whether you're single or in a relationship, buying something like this is sure to spice up your bedroom. Regardless, adding something new to your intimacy can be a good thing to strengthen your relationship. If you decide to go for a hairy vagina, you need to choose how you want your hair to fit. Some manufacturers tuck hair into the jy doll 156cm's skin. It's more realistic, but it also means you won't be able to adjust it later. If you want to buy the best love doll, this is the normal relationship between quality and price.


What are the sex positions with JY 156 doll?

We've added lots of new brands that are fun, unique, and you might like. We won't settle for less. Renewal of existing brands: Within the framework of existing brands, we try to regularly update and monitor new arrivals in order to introduce jy 156 doll to you in a timely manner. Another thing I love about JY DOLL is that her metal skeleton is fully articulated, making her flexible. You can enjoy various sex positions effortlessly. With surprisingly huge and soft breasts to fondle, you're going to have a great time.

How to distinguish regular JY doll 156 manufacturers and suppliers

Don't confuse manufacturer with supplier. Makers are the companies that design, manufacture and manufacture sex doll for sale, they are the creators of these beautiful products from concept to completion, they are the gods of sex dolls if you will. You can also bend the JY doll 156 during intercourse to make it even more fun and sexy. In this position, the sex doll can orgasm and ejaculate within minutes. Always use lube to ensure natural penetration.