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Lubricant-free vaginas do not require lubricants, making them ideal for situations where no lubricant is available. Simply pour water into your vagina for a lubricated feel and effect. Lubricant-Free Vagina functions as a condensing lubricant that diminishes when dissolved. Everyone enjoys different types of sexual activity. However, many men like the idea of being able to have sex with dolls rather than real people. This is because they are often viewed by many as a dream or a taboo desire. It's expensive to buy jy sex dolls! This is partly due to the amount of materials used, but also has to do with the level of detail required. A full body JY DOLL for hyper realistic painting requires more work and therefore costs more.

If you want a sex doll for sale with huge tits and a nice big ass, you can pick it up here. Between her legs, there's a tight pussy waiting for you to come in. If none of these turn up your sex drive, so what? Examples include vaginal sex, anal sex, breast sex, oral sex. Because its vagina, anus, breast and mouth are 1:1. And the internal structure is completely copied from real people. In short, sex dolls have been anthropomorphized to the max. Better simulation technology. Provides 3 entrances, very realistic and tight. The internal structure of the vagina has an almost real look and feel, with countless folds and protrusions.