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Using it for sex and pleasure is very common among men, not women in real life. All parts of the jy doll dealers us are made individually; parts such as the arms, legs, head and feet are made separately and then put together to form a complete and beautiful love doll. The appearance of each sex doll corresponds exactly 1:1 to the female figure. The structure of the skin is very well developed in detail and colour. In addition, all high-end JY DOLL are made of silicone.

Even without the fetish, I think this cute doll is great for beginners because it's mature and portable. Believe me! I've worked with heavy life-size sex doll for sale and you need a lot of muscle to get the most out of the experience. You could mistake her for a real woman. She is excellent, there was no one like her before. She has a thick and curvy body. If boob fucking is your forte, she has perky N-cup breasts that are soft enough.