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I just purchased TPE Funwest Doll so far. This material is very delicate. It looks like real skin, but without any scratches. The main thing you'll see is that your doll is cold. In planning these, guidance specialists, clinicians and, surprisingly, social work specialists are needed. Warmly recommend using a heating mantle to heat up your doll before use to increase the sensation of having sex with a real woman.

Sex dolls are becoming more functional

When dolls and people can communicate in words, the dolls can introduce a large number of applications. For example, assuming you think they should go with the elderly and mature, you should foster programs that show restraint, can speak words of comfort and empowerment, can tell interesting stories, and are surprisingly read books and report on recent developments. Today, good suppliers offer a "heat option," a frame that heats the custom sex doll through wires. I haven't tried this option yet, but I'll let you know soon.

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