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Sales of lifelike Female Sex Doll have been skyrocketing over the past few years. Contributors from all walks of life have openly expressed their love and desire to own sex dolls. The silicone female sex doll industry is almost entirely an online shopping industry, and thanks to the ubiquity of the internet, people can easily buy life-size sex dolls while sitting at home. However, aside from convenience and simplicity, buying sex dolls online also presents many challenges. Some people may still avoid buying female silicone sex dolls and fulfilling their sexual fantasies because of embarrassment or because they think buying a sex doll is weird.


High-end female silicone sex doll are getting closer to real women

Their skin contains high-quality thermoplastic elastomer for the most realistic feel. Sturdy steel frame provides maximum strength and stability. All body parts are fully adjustable to suit your needs. Of course, this is just a silicone female sex dolls after all. Current technology cannot make the experience of using a Silicone Sex Dolls exactly the same as a real person. Although there are many more functions, such as vaginal movement, internal suction, lubrication, dolls can make sounds, and dolls can talk, there is still a gap between them and real people.

Various types of female sex dolls for you to choose from

Busty sex doll for sale, mature women with big breasts and big butts, blondes with natural skin tones or Latino matures with curly hair all have one thing in common: attractive chubby bodies. To make your real sex doll look as gorgeous as possible, companies need to hire professional painters and sculptors. Their job is to create models, molds and realistic body parts such as genitals or eyes.