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Men prefer to buy a Female Sex Doll that has a heating function so that it feels like a real woman. In fact, our current life size female sex dollare also very advanced, with ultra-realistic skin, movable limbs, and various exquisite makeup, which enhances the sense of use. Realistic silicone sex doll. You will have a very real experience while having sex with these sex dolls as they almost exactly mimic real women.


What to look out for when buying a female doll for the first time

If this is your first time buying a TPE or silicone life size female sex dolls, be sure to check out lighter weight dolls first, such as mature sex dolls. This is because it is easier for them to take photos and socialize. As if choosing your first doll wasn't difficult enough, you might be surprised to hear that materials can also be graded, meaning there are different grades of TPE and silicone. One is cheap but ubiquitous and therefore attractive to sex doll makers, and the other is expensive and is a high-quality medical material that is completely safe for human use.

High-quality Real Size Women Love Doll Are Soft

They use high-quality TPE and silicone to make sex doll for sale according to customers' choice. This is just one of their many customization options. Each doll is highly customizable to fit your needs. The high-quality life-size sex doll is made from a material similar to human skin so it feels like you are petting a woman. From the face to the arms, inner thighs and chest, the skin is incredibly soft and sensitive to the touch.