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Making Big Booty Ebony Sex Doll completely like real people makes people lament the unpredictability of future technology. Today, with the improvement of artificial intelligence, the sci-fi inventions in the movies are becoming a reality. Many baby lovers feel that this thing is too heavy when they receive the big booty sex dolls. Why does this shortcoming still exist after the doll has appeared for so many years? In fact, some manufacturers have produced weight-reduced dolls, but the production cost is relatively high. Completely innovate the original production process, but many mature and medium-sized manufacturers do not have this motivation for reform.

The so-called food sex. If a person wants to eat, he must have sex, and it would be abnormal if he didn't have it. If the doll is not cleaned, various bacteria and microorganisms will accumulate on the skin of the doll, thereby destroying the skin material of the sex doll for sale, and may also infect the owner with fungal or bacterial diseases. There is also a doll made of TPE material on the market, and the price is only about 1,000 US dollars. When you search on e-commerce platforms, the most important screening criteria for most people is price, and then choose high-value dolls at a suitable price. The material is something that can’t be touched or seen, and few people notice it. their difference.