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Another important factor we need to consider is size and weight. The importance of this factor varies from person to person. You should carefully choose the weight and size of the Short Big Booty Sex Doll you are purchasing based on your physical ability. There are also many people who face the same problem, and they would rather buy a sex doll with a heating function, so that it feels like a real person. Warmers are another great option on your list of best big booty sex dolls accessories. If you want to make your doll more natural and lifelike, heat it up for orgasm. A sex doll is a full-body humanoid doll designed for sexual intercourse. They usually have penetrable orifices and detachable body parts. Some dolls are also used for photo taking and socializing.

Always pay attention to the weight and size of the doll. It must meet your needs, physical abilities and preferences. You'll have a much more enjoyable experience when your new loved one is easy to move, store and wash. You can decide if you want your doll's beard to be clean-shaven or to leave some hair. The hair does add a level of realism to the doll, and you can choose the color and length you want your doll's pubic hair to be. Mistreating your sex doll for sale can lead to tears, dents and cracks which will shorten the life of your beauty. So, the rougher you are with the doll, the less time it will stay in good shape.