Famous Jy Sex Doll 165 Goddess Figure Love Dolls

The buyer also shared his own experience. After using the jy doll 165cm for two or three times, it feels like someone is really around, but after using it a few times, the number of times the doll becomes less. On the contrary, it will cherish it more. That is, hug and stroke it while sleeping or come back and stroke its head. The size of the doll determines the amount of TPE or Silicone filled into the breasts, and the breasts of JY DOLL will be larger, which means they need to be filled with more material to make the breasts firmer. Using the hollow breast option can make the breasts softer and significantly reduce the weight of the sex doll.

Do proper research before purchasing your first sex doll. jy doll 165 come in many types and materials. Choose the one you think is best for you. ENJOY UNLIMITED FUN AND ENJOYMENT: Once you bring these dolls home, you'll forget about everything and become a big fan of these dolls. All her body parts are designed to excite your sexuality and fulfill your every horny desire. Envying other people's sex doll for sale is not ideal. It has maintained its beauty thanks to proper management. At first, it's tough, but with time you get used to it and start enjoying it.