Close Jy 159 Sex Doll Soft Touch Adult Dolls for Sale

It turns out that furniture is an excellent tool for assisting and having sex with jy sex doll 159cm. You can try it on the stairs, on a table, anywhere around the house, but the best way is to sit on a chair. The realistic 159cm sex doll is so attractive that even straight women want to sleep with her. She is beautiful and sexy. Has a pair of big breasts, slender waist and perfect buttocks. Let's face it. Sex gets boring when you do the same thing every day; of course, if you eat the same food every other day, you get bored with food. So introducing a doll into your sex life can add variety.


Why jy doll 159 are more popular than real women

Men who are very interested in sex dolls believe that jy doll 159 cm are more popular than real women, because real women are difficult to get along with. Because sex dolls don't cheat on you or make demands on you. Depending on how it is used, sex dolls can give you the sensation of having sex with a real person and help you achieve powerful orgasms. JY DOLL are generally heavy and are often difficult to move, requiring some strength. There are lifelike sex dolls that have an internal skeleton that allows them to adjust to different positions for sexual stimulation.

How to maintain jy 159 sex doll?

If you want your jy 159 sex doll to stay with you for a long time, you need to pay special attention to hygiene. Use a vaginal douche. This tool will help you wash your doll's private parts. Regarding bathing, you can bathe the doll with shower gel. You can wash on a small bench or in the tub. Make sure the neck joint does not enter the water. It is recommended to remove the head and wash the body separately. The neck joint can be wrapped in a plastic bag. Place your sex doll for sale on a soft surface such as a bed, sofa, rug, etc. Don't use them on hard floors, which can be easily damaged.