Exhibit Jy Doll Asian Moderate Softness Love Doll

Sex dolls are available in a variety of sizes, including miniature half-length dolls and full-length dolls. Full-size jy doll 158cm are usually quite large, weighing over 5 pounds. If you change positions during a session, changing positions is important for both partners as it allows for more realistic sex. 158cm sex doll are made of silicone or thermoplastic elastomer for realistic feel. Another way to diversify your sex life is to update your love doll's wardrobe. Who can resist passionate, irresistible, hot, seductive sex? Undressing your love doll is an essential part of it.


What is the difference between jy 158 asian doll TPE and silicone material?

TPE is less expensive than silicone. It's more sensitive, especially when it comes to heat, and requires extra care. It tears more easily and wears out faster. However, if you take good care of your JY DOLL, she will last as long as a silicone doll. JY 158cm asian doll body is made of TPE which means she is very flexible and her breasts are extra soft to the touch. These features become sex dolls that fully replicate women. The only difference is that she only dedicated her femininity to you.

Why is the doggy style sex position recommended?

Sex dolls are made of safe materials like latex, silicone, plastic, and TPE or thermoplastic elastomers. However, many manufacturers are using silicone and TPE because they give sex dolls realistic skin, which is also handy for those with latex allergies. Do you like doggy style? The soft waist of the woman swayed with the tits in the dim light, and you could hold the sex doll for sale's belly and squirt the last of your cum into it. If you're tired, you can also put her on her back and she'll automatically twist her hips to meet your impact.