Beloved Jy 153 Doll Sex Lovely Love Dolls

So these lifelike jy doll 153 can lie down, sit, kneel and even stand up. TPE heads have been functioning as mouths for some time, and dolls made with TPE have been known to be more flexible than silicone. Although this 153cm sex doll is not cheap compared to other dolls on the market, it will give you more realistic sex feelings. It is very important to clean your sex doll thoroughly after each use to avoid bacterial growth. For cleaning purposes, you can use a mild antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. It's also important to keep toys in a dry and cool place.


Fun Filling Night With 153 JY Doll?

TPE has a special mucous membrane that secretes lubricant every time water is added, even if only a few drops. The replaceable vagina in the sex doll can be easily cleaned after use, making this type of vagina a more comfortable and hygienic option. One of the biggest advantages of a quality jy 153 doll sex is that she comes in a complete package. Boobs, butt, thighs, everything that is desirable about the female body. Make sure the head matches the skin tone of the sex doll body you have so the seam between the neck and body looks as natural as possible. This sex doll is capable of anal, oral and intercourse. So your evening is sure to be filled with fun activities. The quality of experience with this JY DOLL is very high.

Why are JY 153 Doll Full of Reality?

Fixed vaginas are permanently molded into the jy doll 153cm body. It comes pre-installed, which means you won't be able to remove, replace or adjust it later. Its most notable advantage is that it more closely resembles a human vagina in appearance and overall feel. It will also allow you to adjust the width of the sex doll for sale via the position of the doll's legs, which will only add more realism to your experience. Other inclusions such as movable joints and full-body bones also make the experience more intimate, as the doll can now mimic a human's movements during intercourse.